Child / Adolescent Focused Therapeutic Services 

Children don’t always have the language to articulate what they are experiencing and what they need. Eva is here to help both you and your child navigate difficult moments together so that your family can thrive.

Eva offers a safe space outside of school and home where your child can explore, process, and address the struggles they are experiencing - a place where your child feels seen and heard and where they have an ally and supporter to walk with them through challenging moments and difficult circumstances.

Eva is passionate about encouraging children and shining a light on the resilience and skills they already possess, while also creating a supportive environment in which they can develop new skills and share openly and honestly about the difficulties they are facing. 

Serving children 4 - 18    

Specializing in:

At BIG Feelings Inc., we welcome people of all genders, races, countries of origin, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and families of all different configurations. 

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy (including parent only and family sessions as needed)

Social Skills Play Groups

Purposeful pairings of clients working on similar skills to create opportunities for organic skill practice and social connection


Eva works with children and their families to develop goals that are meaningful and achievable and then uses an eclectic approach that includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution-focused therapy, play therapy, and EMDR to move towards meeting goals and developing a flexible skillset that can be applied to other situations in the future. 

Her approach includes explicit skill building, therapeutic games, books, and creative expression through art and drama, to make the therapeutic experience developmentally appropriate for school-aged children. Her 10+ years of experience in public and charter schools, first as a teacher and then as a school social worker, also inform her therapeutic style.

Supporting kids is a team sport!

Child Focused Therapeutic Services means that my primary focus is working on supporting your child's mental wellbeing.  While this means that the majority of my session time is devoted to work directly with children, it also often involves examining, and perhaps, adjusting the environment around them and how the adults respond in moments of difficulty.  Kids can only control so much in their lives, and therefore child focused therapy is most successful when it considers and addresses the child's environment.  This is why I have parent only sessions throughout the course of therapy so that we can discuss proactive strategies and tools for parenting through difficult moments.   

I also collaborate with schools, psychiatrists, and other professionals (including child care professionals) to foster consistency and facilitate care coordination. 

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Please share some information about your child's age, and what your primary concerns are.  Please include how long these concerns have been present, in what context are these difficulties/concerns present, and any other relevant information.